“We LOVED Morocco”

The only thing that I would like to stress is that Jamal, our driver, was really the key to our successful trip. The fact that we got along so well with him was the main thing. But every step of the way he ensured that every aspect of the trip went perfectly. We LOVED all the restaurants he chose for lunch, especially Chez Michelle, the Hotel Kasbah Asmaa and the Ryad Bahia. His driving was excellent and the scenery was breathtaking and since he knew how interested we were in photography, he took special notice to stop in the most picturesque places. He was very organized and when there was an unexpected change with the guide in Marrakech, he stayed with us most of the day to ensure that we had the best experience possible–which we did. There was never a moment during the trip where we ever felt that we had to worry about anything. We credit Jamal for this. We LOVED Morocco for these reasons and for those mentioned by Terese below. It was truly a lovely experience.

My biggest complaint was beyond anyone’s control. Our lovely visit to the beautiful Chefchaouen was dampened (no pun intended) by the terrible weather. It rained – actually poured – for nearly all of the time we spent there. What a beautiful place but so sad that we could not capture it appropriately on film. Thankfully the weather began improving and we were able to get some beautiful photos especially from our time in the Sahara….a definite highlight of the trip for all of us.

Thanks again for arranging this trip for us. We had a blast!!!


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