“We had a wonderful trip”

We went to Portugal, Gibraltar, and Spain as well as Morocco, but when people ask what is the favorite part of our trip was, the reply for both of us is Morocco. The trip was well-planned and went off very well. Daria was ill for a couple of days and did miss the desert trek for which we are sorry. Richard and I enjoyed that part a lot and we were sorry she had to miss it. I think you all [EIT] have put together a well-thought-out itinerary that covers a wide array of cultures and sights within Morocco. Even the necessary driving between points was interesting as we really got a good look at the countryside and there were plenty of stops to break up those hours. The trip was varied and interesting, from our city walks, shopping (we aren’t particularly travel shoppers, but that was great fun), to seeing the countryside, ruins, cultural stops, and the dune and camel ride. We loved seeing all the mountains also. They were spectacular. What a great variety.

Wahid [our driver] was a wonderful guide. Right from the start he displayed a sense of humor. He is a great caretaker and representative of Morocco and your company. He was thoughtful about tailoring the trip to our needs and desires. As a couple of examples: Richard and I really, really enjoy photography so he made sure we went to some places with great photographic opportunities. He discovered we liked to hike so we went on a couple of short hikes, and, of course, he adjusted our itinerary when Daria was ill to eliminate some activities a couple of days so that she might have recovery time.

Our Fes, Marrakech, and Volubilis guides were excellent. I would recommend Wahid. He is very good at making guests feel comfortable and helping us to navigate cultural differences with ease and respect. He treated us as his personal guests in Morocco and expected the same of others.

Favorite photos? Too many! We came home with over 2000 pictures in Morocco alone (did I mention that we love to take photos). Our single favorite is this photo of Omar, our camel driver, at sunset on our way to camp. We have many favorites from all over the country, however. I am putting together our favorites now for a photo album and have it narrowed down to a mere couple hundred at this point.

I don’t know that we have any specific stories about Morocco that might be different or unusual, but certain things do stand out in our minds when we think about the trip:

1. Chefchaouen is such an interesting and photographic place. We really enjoyed our walk and photo tour of the town.

2. We enjoyed the markets and mosques of Fes. Our first shopping experience was in a silk shop where we watched the weaver work. It was such a fun experience to be served tea and then have all the goods placed on the floor in front of you for your approval or purchase. One does not just wander into a store in Morocco, peruse the shelf, and take an item to the cash register. Oh no, it’s an entire experience. While we had several more we liked, the carpet store and the argan oil store stand out also, this one was memorable as it was the first experience we had shopping.

3. We enjoyed the trip to the desert, the camel ride, sitting on the dune at sunset, and our dinner and night in the tent.

4. Volubilis-This was an amazing and interesting place and we enjoyed our stop here.

5. All the places we stayed were beautiful, but several stand out. Dar D’Or Fes, Dar Hnan Tiouira in Dades, and Riad Boussa in Marrakesh. They were all beautiful places with amazing food and in amazing locations. While Chergui was beautiful, the riads and kasbahs were really stunning and we felt like we had a more traditional Moroccan experience in those locations which we really enjoyed.

I would also commend your company for the advance material you sent out, both the information on the website which was helpful as well as the packet you mailed. That was very helpful in preparing us of the trip and helping us to know what to expect.

We had a wonderful trip and we would highly recommend you all and would, if returning, travel with you again.

Thank you,

Susan and Richard.

(April-May of 2018)