Allison sitting on chair in front of beautiful flowers in Morocco

“We had a great vacation!”

Where to start!?!  Morocco is such an interesting country and the people so friendly and hospitable.  Rachid, our driver, was very conscientious and helpful and was quick to take care of any requests.  The local guides were very knowledgeable and provided us with a wealth of information.  We would certainly recommend Experience It Tours!!

Tim, the professional photographer got some incredible images.  By the way, he would like to talk to you about scheduling a group photo tour in the future.

Some of our most memorable moments include…

* seeing the sunset against the blue hues of Chefchaouen 

* having chicken tagine for the first time and then again the next day because it was so good

* learning a few Arabic words to “break the ice” when communicating 

* seeing Tim walking side by side with the tannery vat workers in Fes to get some up close and personal photos

Beautiful mountains view in Morocco

* driving up into the High Atlas Mountains and breathing in the clean, fresh air

* feeling accomplished after finding our way back to the Riad within the maze of the Marrakech Medina

* hearing about all the history and age of various structures 

* sooo many great memories from this trip

Morocco is a unique, culture rich country who is best seen with Experience It Tours!

Thanks again for all your help, we had a great vacation!!

Allison N.

(June of 2022)