“We had a Great Time”

We had a great time, and I would definitely recommend your tour company for anyone that is interested in traveling to Morocco. I only wish we had a longer stay, so that we could have taken a trip out to the Sahara. I’ll have to return some day and do that. One of the highlights of the trip was staying in the Riad, and eating the food prepared by the owners. The owners were extremely kind, and the food they served was the best we tasted during our stay – it had a home cooked quality and taste to it. The food at the other restaurants that we were taken too seemed geared towards tourists, filled mostly with foreigners – and the outside food mediocre. If I were to do it again, I think I would have suggested eating at other Riads around the city. Again, the owner’s of our Riad were great, and would highly recommend the same Riad for others.
Of course the medinas were great, particularly the one in Fez. On our free day, we went to the Roman Ruins at Volubilis, then Moulay Idriss and Mekenes. I really enjoyed the Roman ruins – it was nice to take a day to see the country side and get away from the congestion of the medinas for a a day. And the ruins themselves were very impressive – makes me want to see Italy now. Another thing I really enjoyed doing, and would recommend for everyone, is to go to the top of Moulay Idriss to have a view of the city, which was very beautiful.

Our guides were very good, but we were particularly happy with our driver – Ahmed Hadji, who was exceptional. He was extremely professional, helpful in many ways beyond his typical job requirements, and among other things woke up very early on the morning of our departure so that we could visit the King Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. If I were to return, I would specifically ask for his service again. Lastly, you all at Experience It! Tours were great – from the time you took to discuss things over the phone with me, to the helpful packet of information we got. The info about cultural expectations and money and tipping was all very helpful. Thanks again for organizing the great trip. As soon as I get my pictures organized, I’ll forward them along to you. Thanks again!


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