“We Felt Safe & Comfortable at all times!

I am only too happy with our trip and am happy to provide some feedback.

I had never heard of Experience IT Tours until I accidentally came across some reviews on the Trip Advisor website. Saw the name Youssef appear a few times with glowing recommendations, as were a number of other names and all reviews spoke highly of them all to. It was the positive reviews that drew me to make my initial enquiries. I can say that from my first enquiry I felt comfortable. I always received a response, and even though there was the tragic bombing of the Argan Café in Marrakesh, my concerns were appreciated and answered honestly.

I never felt pressured by your company and my first contact was from Aaron and then later in the process Ruth. Everything was followed up. Aaron’s suggestions as to suggested upgrades was appreciated and I’m very glad to have taken his advice. The information package sent to us was very useful and not full of useless advertising propaganda as some companies do.

When Youssef arrived to pick us up we felt comfortable straight away. He was a happy, friendly person who had a great sense of humour.

The itinerary was fantastic. We did a lot of things but never felt that it was rushed or crammed. Morocco was great and the diversity was amazing. The accommodation was great.

We felt safe and comfortable at all times and Youssef made sure we wanted for nothing and missed nothing. It was very lucky for us that we had someone who was so passionate about his country, his family and his fellow countrymen. At no time did we ever feel that he was just doing his job. We consider Youssef to be a very good friend.

We come from a very close family and my niece and I were ecstatic to find out that it was Youssef’s birthday and surprise him with a cake. It was the least we could do for him.

On arrival at the Casablanca Airport, we were a bit confused as the chap didn’t have your EIT sign. He probably thought I was the Police as I did query who he was and why he didn’t have the right sign but, they were fine and got us to the hotel. We had read reviews on the Hotel and many said it was out-of-the-way, down a dark street, didn’t’ feel safe. We didn’t find that at all, there were sidewalk markets and a mall around the corner and restaurants so we had no complaints.

If I had to say something that wasn’t as good as we had expected, it would be the Sahara desert experience. The people, food and accommodation was fine, but I thought it was a 1 hr camel ride to the tent in an oasis for our overnight stay and then the next morning, return by camel to the 4×4. We drove to a Kasbah, relaxed in a room there until it cooled down, then walked to a camel for a ride to see the sunset, came back to the deluxe tent, which was a short distance from the kashab. The next morning we were picked up by 4×4 (no return camel ride) from the tent and taken back to Erfoud. Maybe our idea of an oasis is different, but we expected palms etc. Having said that, the people at the Kasbah and deluxe tent could not have been friendlier or more accommodating, and our 4×4 driver was a happy chap too and pointed out many things of interest to us on the trip there and back.

We found all the people we dealt with in your company helpful, efficient, accommodating, friendly and we really liked the personalized service. It was just a shame that when we visited your office in Fes you weren’t there. We would like to have met and thanked you.

All in all, we loved your country and would have no hesitation in using your company again. We have already given your details to several people in Australia, and another person (total stranger) that I got talking to at the Dubai Airport on my stopover back to Australia.

I am glad that I found your company and that we were so fortunate that Youssef was our guide/driver and I am very glad that I can provide such positive feedback.