“We do hope to return in the future!”

Good afternoon! Our feedback regarding our experience of Morocco is very positive. We had a great time, and enjoyed experiencing a different culture. Our driver (we knew him as Ahmed) was absolutely wonderful. He was respectful and considerate, providing excellent information about the culture, architecture, politics, religion and family dynamics of Morocco. We enjoyed many stimulating conversations. The vehicle was very comfortable and reliable.

We felt safe during our travels in Morocco. We met many interesting people. The camel ride in the Sahara and staying in the Berber tents was another great experience

(challenging – v. cold, & no water/toilet – but we expected that and were prepared).We would have no hesitation in recommending this to others – in fact we have done so.

We could probably have done with a bit of preparation around the system of bargaining/purchasing in Morocca – again a couple of challenging but learning experiences. The accommodation and food was excellent, the staff hospitable and helpful.
We do hope to return in the future.

Regards, Sue

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