“Very professional and friendly”

Basically, the tour was excellent; we saw everything we wanted to see and more. There were several highlights….the camel ride into the desert was amazing. I loved feeling so small in the vast expanse of sighing sands and blue sky. We were lucky to have only my husband, myself, two camels and one very pleasant, sandal shod fellow who led us across the dunes. We so thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the medinas that we did it in Rabat, Fes and Marrakech! We had heard that the salesmen in the medinas were quite aggressive, so we were happily surprised to find that was not the case. Of course, we tried to be respectful by saying “la shukran” with a hand over the heart and a slightly bowed head.

Another real treat was the hammam. Oh my gosh! Khalid, our driver, took us to the hammam a few blocks from his home and helped us to “order” from the menu.The warm, steamy rooms were incredibly decadent. I had the exfoliation treatment which involves slick black soap and a marble table and every time I had to roll over I was sliding all over the place so the young lady assigned to me and I were giggling like children the whole time. I have never been so pampered and relaxed in my life!

Khalid was terrific. He is truly a gracious and knowledgeable man and a real asset for Experience It! He is a careful, conscientious driver in a country full of maniacs in charge of every wheeled vehicle conceivable. Khalid made us feel very much at home in a very different country and he has friends in every city. We were quite certain that he was more than capable of handling anything that came up with grace and genuine concern for our welfare.

The accommodations were nothing short of spectacular, with only one exception. In particular, Riad Myra and the Riad Des Clos Du Arts were over the top gorgeous, but more importantly, the staff at each went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and they seemed genuinely interested in helping us to feel like honored guests at their inns and in their country. I contracted travelers’ tummy in Erfoud and was in bad shape for the second week of our trip and the staff at Riad Des Clos Du Arts prepared special meals for me (chicken soup) and helped us locate an open pharmacy on a Sunday for some Smecta to resolve my stomach issue. (I don’t know what the liability might be, but Smecta is a European remedy similar to Pepto Bismol so it could be helpful information to include in your materials.)

As for Experience It! we are very pleased with the service you provided and all the arrangements you made for us. The people we worked with to coordinate and refine our travel arrangements were very professional and friendly. We consistently felt that your response times were super and the responses themselves were thorough, which we appreciate. We will definitely recommend your company and we may be traveling with you again.

Thanks for arranging an outstanding trip for us… we couldn’t have done it without you!

Ray & Sheila.

(September / 2017)