“Very Professional and Efficient from the Get Go”

There were many highlights in our trip and the following are some of the more memorable ones:

1. When Jamal, our driver, stopped by a Nomad’s camp and he invited us into his tent to serve us tea with bread and showed us how they lived. The Berber nomad even demonstrated how to play the “Bendir” or hand drum and played us a song.

2. When we visited this really old Kasbah -kasbah ait ben haddou- and we purchased some prints and the artist took his guitar and rendered a song for us as a thank you for our purchase.

3. The night at the desert was especially memorable since it was my birthday and my wife connived with Jamal to give me a wonderful birthday celebration with live local music and a birthday cake.

4. Jamal allowed us many stops on the way to the different destinations along the tour so we could do our photography which was the main reason we booked this trip.

These events were in addition to the wonderful time we had doing the scheduled tours to the medinas and the cooperatives where we were able to acquire a good number of local craft.

Jamal was excellent and always looked out for interests and safety. Our group was very happy with him and which is why I requested for him to drive for my sister and her husband too so that she could experience the extra stuff, like visiting the Berber nomad, that Jamal did for our group.

The accommodations on the whole were excellent. The camp in the desert was special but we weren’t able to sleep very well because it was quite warm at night and we felt at the very least that electric fans could’ve been provided in the tents.

“Experience It Tours” was very professional and efficient from the get go. Thank you for the excellent service and correspondence you provided during the planning and finalization of our tour.

I was very happy and satisfied and that’s why I convinced my sister to go with her husband and book a tour with Experience It Tours.

Thank you and until the next time.

Tony C.

(Sept. / 2017)