“Very Happy With Our Trip!”

Chefchaouen was our favorite place, but we loved seeing all the medina’s and getting lost. We also loved the Moroccan food, those tangines are wonderful and oh, the olives! Our guide, Jamal, was wonderful, and played a large part in making the trip a great experience.

We loved our driver/guide Jamal. He was incredibly helpful, his English was excellent, very informative and resolved the only hiccup we had during the trip quickly and in a very satisfactory way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who comes to Morocco, he played a huge role in making our trip wonderful.

Tangier was really just a place to take the ferry from. That worked for us, but if we didn’t need to take the ferry, I could have skipped Tangier. I hadn’t realized the driving distances between some places; now that I know, I would not have done the day trip to Essaouira (much as I liked it) because most of the day was spent in the car. I would have gone hiking in some of the nearby places that were only a 60-90 minute drive instead. My bad for not having looked at the distances; I was more focused on seeing everything on my wish list.

Our accommodations were excellent. We loved L’ma Lodge, and wished we had another day or two there, it was that lovely. We also liked Riad Cherifa in Chefchaouen, it was very special. Having said that, we really liked all the riads.

We had a great time and were very happy with our trip!

We would recommend Experience It! Tours, without any hesitation.

Debbi B.

(September of 2018)