“Vacation of a LIFETIME!”

It was great to meet you {Aaron} and the team in Fez.  You all did a tremendous job. Our trip was fantastic, no issues, no complaints, it exceeded our expectations on all levels.  This was mostly due to our being lucky enough to be paired with Namir!

This was our first time taking any kind of tour.  Typically we do everything ourselves, and in Europe/Mexico it always worked out well.  When deciding on Morocco we had a recommendation from a couple we met at JFK, and after talking to EIT we felt confident we were with the right company. 

We were very happy with the guides we had in both Fes and Marrakech. (Hakeem + Said (Saad?)  -Traveling to a foreign place, your experience is created by the people you interact with as well as the places you visit and stay.  On all levels we were completely and totally satisfied with everything!   With the guides we were able to efficiently visit all the places we wished to see -plus a few more.  More importantly they both had an intense pride in their Moroccan heritage, and provided a tremendous amount of historical context at each place.

All the Riads we stayed in were amazing.  The accommodations and service were all first-class. We are both very interested in architecture, staying in these refurbished Riads was such a rare opportunity -it is something I will always remember.

Namir.  The description of driver is not comprehensive enough.  We don’t know anyone in Morocco, but with Namir it was like having the cousin you never met.  He was a very courteous driver, and we always felt safe with him.  More importantly, he has a wide range of interests, and each question we had he answered as a driver and a genuine citizen of Morocco.  Namir has a deep and intense pride in his and Morocco’s history.  We were anxious to avoid any/all touristy food places, as we wanted to eat ‘what Moroccan’s eat‘.   After seeing the vegetable stalls in the market, we said to Namir, “we see all these vegetables, but they are not on the menu.”  He asked “what are you looking for?” – so we said we see all these amazing artichokes -but they are not on the menu.  He said he can call a friend and request a Tagine with lamb + artichokes -and he did.  Every meal was fantastic!  He made sure we had a mix of foods, including Bistilla made with pigeon.

Once when driving to Ait Ben Haddou I asked to eat lunch on the road, I could see he was thinking where-where, but we stopped at a typical roadside barbecue/butcher, and he knew them.  Instead of simply sitting down and ordering the meal, he went to talk to the butcher, selected the specific part of the beef + lamb, supervised the recipe mixture & grinding, and then hovered over the grill-man till it was perfect in his eyes – resulting in another delicious meal!

Namir went out of his way to insure we were comfortable, and that we had the chance to see things we were interested in.  Everyday the minivan was spotless, and the gas tank filled.

As clients we want you to know that Namir truly made our trip exceptional.

Many thanks for the vacation of a lifetime!

Peter & Joel.