“Truly Amazing!”

Deborah Majorelle Gardens

My trip was great!  I think {my traveling partner} would agree.  For me, the highlight was the Sahara and the camel trek.  It was truly amazing!  Bou, our driver, was wonderful to us.  I think we were very fortunate to have him guide us on our trip.  He took great care of us.  I think very highly of him, and I wish him all the best in the future.

All of our riads/hotels and restaurants were very good as well as all of the shops we visited.  I have no complaints about any of them.

I have a couple of observations that you might want to consider addressing in some way for future tours:

  • I think our biggest hurdle was the tipping — we really needed to have small change readily available.  I mentioned to {my traveling partner} that if we had understood the tipping situation better, we could have each contributed to a pool $100 USD worth of Moroccan currency in small denominations and then we could have taken care of the tipping appropriately from the pool.  As it turned out, there were times we gave the ladies room attendant 10 durhams because we had nothing smaller.
  • I did not like Casablanca — perhaps there is a more interesting part of the city than where we stayed?  Our hotel was good, but we took a walk, and it was not that much fun.  In hindsight, perhaps it would have been better if we flew in and out of Marrakech instead and bypassed Casablanca.

These are my only thoughts.  The whole Experience it! team, including Bou, did a fabulous job so I am very happy with how it all unfolded.

Best regards,


(September/October of 2013)