“True once in a lifetime experience”

Thank you for putting together the most amazing vacation I can ever imagine-I’m not sure how any vacation in the future can top our Moroccan adventure. We’ve spent the last two weeks telling all of our friends and relatives about our great trip.

The highlight of the trip was the overnight in the desert. I had worried about that one the most, and it turned out to be the true once-in a lifetime experience. I’m very glad we did it.

We loved the riads and the Xaluca hotels. We loved shopping in the markets and hearing the calls to prayer. We loved the Moroccan people-they are the friendliest, and often the funniest in the world.

Most of all we loved Namir. He is a perfect guide, anticipating our every need. My teenage daughters adored him-he spoiled them, teased them, and made the trip perfect for them. I appreciated everything he did for me during this trip and his never ending energy. He was absolutely great!

Again, we appreciate all the work you put into arranging this adventure for our family. THANK YOU!


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