“Tremendous Experience”

“Tremendous Experience”

We had a tremendous experience on our Morocco vacation despite the passing of my mother-in-law the day before we were due to travel to Casablanca. Despite this the trip did provide a wonderful distraction at a sad time. The flowers provided in Fes was a wonderful and thoughtful touch.

Our trip was well organized and all the hotels bar one lived up to what we had expected. Your organization is to be commended in all aspects of the trip as it was easy to plan and follow each stage with ample advice and quick response to questions and concerns. Ruth was very helpful.

The guides that we had at each of the locations, Fes, Marrakech and Volubilis, were all very knowledgeable, polite, fun to be with and gave us a good tour of their respective locations. Our guide in Marrakech even intervened when he could see that a shopkeeper was trying to cheat us. We would have no problem recommending all of them. Full marks here.

Which brings us to the driver, Jamaal.

Jamaal and his Mercedes vehicle were 5 star travel on a 3 star budget. Jamaal proved an ideal driver who, from the beginning when he heard of our loss, was extremely attentive to all we needed. An excellent driver and a very comfortable vehicle we never felt any concern with our travel and safety. It was a relaxed tour and he was easy to discuss with on our plans and also flexible. He made a great suggestion early on when we took in Meknes and Volubilis after Rabat which gave us some more time to relax in Fes and take in a hammam for the ladies and a Moroccan cooking lesson for me. He was very informative but appreciative of where the driver and guides duties lay. An intelligent young man, Jamaal was an ideal choice and one who became a good friend. We recommend him extremely highly.

My comments on the hotels, bearing in mind we were not traveling 5 star {3 star level}, are:

Hotel Al Walid in Casablanca – clean, responsive and polite service with reasonable food. Good location. A typical city hotel, probably more set up for business travelers but did not affect the service provided.

Dar Al Madina Al Kadima, Fes – Mohammed and Saeed were both extremely helpful and friendly. The food was plentiful and well cooked. A delightful place full of the Moroccan atmosphere we were expecting. Great location. Clean and tidy. Highly recommend.

Kasbah Tizimi – The one we were slightly disappointed with. Run down and tired. Food basic and bland. I must admit that the hotel staff varied with some trying to assist and others not interested. Signs that the hotel were trying to repair and upgrade. Would also add that it did not affect our trip as it was a brief stop-over and unfortunately followed such a great time in Fes. In some respects a typical roadside motel/hotel type operation that had seen better days.

Bivouacs Xaluca, desert – A tremendous experience and all that we were anticipating. Well run with great service and certainly cannot complain on the accommodation given what and where we were experiencing. The food was also good. Again well recommended.

Dar Jnan Tiouira, Dades Gorge – Another gem. The host and his sisters were extremely helpful and welcoming. Highly recommended with great food. The rooms were clean and the facility tremendous. Wonderful location. Could have stayed longer just to relax.

Riad Yasmine, Marrakech – Another highly recommended place. From outside you wonder where you have been taken but inside quite the oasis. Tremendous service, rooms clean and nicely done out. Staff helpful and very pleasant with again good food. Great atmosphere and another great Moroccan feel.

Morocco proved a wonderful ‘experience’ and we thank you, your company and Jamaal for making it so.

All the best.


April 2017