“The Whole Trip Was Wonderful”

The whole trip was wonderful! We enjoyed (not in any particular order) the camel ride, historical tours, hike outside of Marrekech, local tours, staying in riads, local food, and that it was a private tour for just the 4 of us. Conversations with Hamid and the local tour guides, giving us lots of info on the country, etc. We gained invaluable knowledge about the history and culture.

Hamid [our driver] was very professional, punctual and patient. He is also very accommodating, was mindful to take us to acceptable toilets, and chose nice places for us to eat. While in Fez, he invited us over for dinner, and we met his lovely family. That is one of the highlights of our trip. I have recommended him to other friends who are interested in booking an Experience It tour through Morocco. Hamid helped to make our trip more special and more enjoyable. Please give him our regards!!!

La Maison Arabe was amazing — they gave us 1 upgraded room. Both rooms were lovely suites. It would have been nice to have a few more hours at the Ksar El Kabbaba in Skoura. We also enjoyed staying at the Riad Myra and Riad Kalaa.

Thanks very much.

(April of 2018)