“The Trip was Fantastic”

Overall, the trip was fantastic. Morocco is a beautiful country. Naturally, to see a Country in that short of time was tiring but we received a good feel for the country and people.

Let me start by saying that our driver Hamid was the greatest. We had a good time with him even going to his home for a Lunch. Hamid was very accommodating and worked hard to please us. we would recommend him highly. We will stay in touch with him as he became more than a driver.
All our accommodations were great save one and a couple of thoughts on two others.

I want to thank your company for changing our accommodations in Marrakesh so quickly and professionally.

The RIAD OMAR was a very dark, not clean, dingy and basically a poor hotel. I would consider taking that off your list of choices. After a day of travel, we believe people would be aghast going into this hotel. The only people that may want to stay their would be people under 30. Only because of the location in the Medina. The Ryad Mogador Opera in the new city is more up to standard for your Company. Again, thank you for moving us, it made our stay in Marrakesh perfect.

Augberge Dunes D’OR was fine accept that they shut down electricity at day break so there was no light to get ready in the AM. Not a problem just for your information.

Ryad Mogador Essaouira does not have A.C.-Again for your information.

Highlights were many. To name a few all the historical sites and the history of the country. The Roman Ruins. Swimming off the coast of Africa and see the sunset over the Atlantic for the first time. The coup de grace was the Sahara and the ride into the desert by Camel. Sitting in the dune and watching the sunset was extremely mystical.

The best place to shop was Essaouira as there was no pressure to purchase.

All in all, we highly recommend your company and hopefully out comments will help with future clients.

Thank you and regards,

Peter & Patricia

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