“The Riads Were Out of This World “

The trip was wonderful. Everything was truly up to my expectations. The riads were out of this world and I didn’t want to leave Riad KInza in Marrakech. All of them gave us comfy nights, hospitable and friendly service, and delicious food served impecably. It’s obvious the service industry is focused on making guests very welcome and extremely happy.

The trip was interesting as a father/son thing with me seeing the country a second time and Paul’s first. He loved it and I feel the experience was truly valuable for him.

On the plane home we played a little game we called “Cast of Characters” making a list of the people who made big and little impressions; the little boy in the middle of nowhere in the desert who was shyly learning how to be a salesman to tourists, the servers at the riad who smiled and helped us learn the linguistic difference between “good morning” and “goat morning,” the wise man who walked us around Volubilis, Mohammed the rug salesman, and many, others. The small encounters with the people of Morocco is what makes the trip so special.

Of course Rachid [our driver] is magnificent and master of all he surveys. Visiting in his home and meeting his sweet family was very special for us. It was interesting to compare/contrast how the evening unfolded in comparison with how the same dinner would go here. I think Rachid enjoyed sharing the hospitality of his home and showing us the fruits of what he has worked so hard for. He is a proud man. I respect him and appreciate him as an honored friend. He is the utmost professional with everyone.

So. It was everything I hoped the trip would be. It was a wonderful celebration for my upcoming 65th birthday. It was a very special trip with my son.

Morroco is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It has a rich history, an amazing design esthetic, sumptious lodging and delicious food. It seems a civil, respectful society that is welcoming to others. Moroccans are proud of who they are and of their country. That makes it a great place to visit.

Thanks again for everything. Working with you and EIT is a real pleasure and I look forward to many more trips. I’m sure Paul and I will travel again, and before long my grandson is going to need to come.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen J.

(March of 2018)