“Thank you all for a Great Experience!”

Safely back in NZ now and trying to pretend that we are happy to be home.  Firstly a little about us so as you understand where we are coming from.   Sharon and I have travelled extensively over the past thirty years,we have always travelled independently and have never done a guided tour before this current holiday.We did a guided tour of Turkey before our arrival in Morocco,the tour of Turkey was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there as well.  However we both thought that Morocco was the highlight of the trip,we also travelled through Singapore,Dubai,Russia,the Greek Islands,visited Athens,Rome and Portugal before turning up in Morocco.

What impressed us about Morocco was the diversity of cultures, geography and experiences not to mention shopping that was made available to us courtesy of Mohamed (Hassani) who was knowledgable,helpful a good driver and a really nice guy to boot.  We have thanked him but would appreciate if you would pass on our thanks as well,to say he went the extra distance for us would be an understatement.
All our guides were excellent as well,a good knowledge of local history,locations etc.  It was much better having a guide in each area we visited,we just had one guide with us in Turkey and while she was very good,we both thought your system was superior as it provided a more in depth local knowledge and different perspectives on national history and issues.

We enjoyed the balance of accommodation,Riads and hotels and thought all were very good,mind you we are not fussy about accommodation and have stayed in some pretty awful places in Asia so we may not be very good judges!

We would have loved to have had longer in some of our stops, but realize that this is virtually impossible when you are on a fixed time limit trying to see as much as possible in the time allowed.We both thought the tour utilized time and places very successfully,it just seemed like such a great destination with friendly people,great organization courtesy of yourselves and Mohamed that we really can’t think of any improvement worthy of mention.  Ruth did a great job of staying in touch and keeping us informed and I guess the only thing else I can do is thank you all for a great experience.  I hope some of our traveling friends take our advice and use your services,I’m sure they will.Have a great festive season and keep safe.

Dave and Sharon
November 2012