“Tailored to our wishes”

Ever thought about going to Morocco but not sure what to expect? Have images of bustling markets with handcrafted wares of every description?….

Wander the narrow cobbled laneways in the Medina in Fes with its 12 thousand streets and see beautiful Textiles being hand dyed and hand spun on ancient looms into well priced finely woven silk scarves. Observe the craftsmen in Marrakech create intricate filigreed silver lamps and home wares. Feel privileged to be able to meet the people of Morocco….gentle , deeply respectful of their faith and with a strong commitment to their families ….at times, a humbling experience.

Enjoy the fun of choosing an original Berber Rug to decorate your home and provide lasting memories of Morocco. Marvel at the stunning intricacy of the mosaics in the Mosques and immerse oneself in the history of the Roman ruins at Volubilis.

Travel into the Atlas Mountains…a rugged landscape hard to capture within the confines of a camera lens.

The Sahara Desert… WOW…well worth it as we become accustomed to riding a camel and negotiating the dunes as we headed to our night camp, viewing the sunset, sleeping under the stars and eating delicious food!

Rostom ,our driver…exceptional professional with a good sense of humour. Mindful of our needs and ensuring we were well looked after at all times.

As Rostom farewelled us at the airport his final words to me were:

“Thank you Jane for boosting the economy of Morocco!” “My pleasure” I replied.

The tour company ….very efficient, gave us a comprehensive overview of the customs and our responsibility to adhere to these as guests in a Muslim country. The tour was tailored to our wishes, ensuring we had an Authentic Moroccan Experience” and keeping us safe was a priority.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who assisted in the planning of our trip. We would certainly travel with you again! By the way, where can we travel next??

Jane, Lindsay and Jane.

(September of 2017)