“Surpassed our Expectations!”

Dorothy and Rachid

We returned a few days ago from a glorious 11 day trip in Morocco with Experience It Tours as part of a party of four people.  Overall, the entire trip surpassed our expectations and we are exceedingly positive about the services provided throughout by Experience It Tours. We would definitely recommended your group for other travelers and in fact are considering another tour with your group in the next year or so, perhaps to the south of the country.  Rachid was superb. He was always helpful, punctual, personable, willing to answer our endless questions, flexible, a careful driver (in what at times in the cities seemed like bumper-car land, without actually bumping). – everything you could hope for in a driver. I would recommend him specifically as a driver, and should we return would request having Rachid another time.

Regarding highlights:

(1) We want to commend you on organizing an exceeding well-balanced trip which offered considerable variety in terms of lodging, experiences, food, etc. We found the trip very exotic (we’re very experienced travelers) while not being too touristy, perhaps in part due to the timing of our trip before the main tourist season.
(2) We loved the small Dars and Riads (top of our list was Dar Meziana  in Chefechaouen; and Riad clos des Arts in Marrakech).  We experienced highly attentive and welcoming and personal service throughout in all of the guesthouses that we stayed.
(3) While the cities are interesting to see especially for a first visit, we particularly liked the country and spectacular scenery – the snow-covered mountains outside Fez, the mountains, Dades Gorge, the other-worldly sand dunes, the pristine beaches and rock-line coast of Essaouira.
(4) We loved the food and felt especially our evening meals were excellent and well-chosen. Finishing off with Rick’s Cafe was a special trip since my husband knows the film, Casablanca, almost by heart, and it happened to be his birthday. The birthday cake was a delightful, totally unexpected touch. An evening we’ll never forget.


(1) Overall, very well chosen providing considerable diversity. We especially appreciated the personal attention of staffs, the incredible charm of the dars/riads, and the cleanliness.
(2) As noted about the Dar Meziana and Riad clos des Arts, as well as the Xaluca Dades topped our list, although all were great, with the following exception.
(3) The only place we didn’t feel was up to the others was the Kasbah Tombouctou, which I found rather dank, marginal cleanliness, very worn looking, lack-luster buffet and breakfast.  I’m not sure there are better alternative in this area, and while it was acceptable, I’m glad we were there only one night.

Company’s Service:

First-class and excellent in every regard. I wish we could find your equal in other countries.

Many, many thanks for making possible such a wonderful trip. Our regards to Rachid when you speak with him. Hopefully we’ll be in contact in the future.

Dorothy and John.

(March of 2013)