“Spoiled us for all Future Travel!”

Jim & Valerie P. camel

We had the most wonderful tour, thanks to Experience It and recommended you to people we met along the way even before the end of our journey.

The highlights were the sights and sounds so unfamiliar to us, the sobering fact that this country has existed for so many centuries and the long drives as we circled the country.

Of course there was the food, the beauty of the accommodations, the surprises along the way from people, often where you least expected it.

We have only the best to say about our driver/bodyguard Rachid. He had only our best interests at heart and took care of us every step of the way. We trusted him and I hope he trusted us too; to be on time, to be careful, to follow his suggestions when we were out of his sight.

From the moment my husband found your site on the internet, we knew we were in the best hands. All the little things you provided from the gorgeous packet, luggage tags, the stylus, the checks and final checks from Ruth (I swear she sleeps by her computer!)

I hope you have not spoiled us for all future travel but I suspect that you have.

Thank you all for giving us this great adventure and gift.

Valerie & Jim.

(October of 2014)