“so much more to Morocco than camel rides”


From the very start of our holiday to the end it was AMAZING!

Hamid Zerheri was excellent. His command of the English language is very good and we had no communication problems.

He has a wonderful sense of humour, we enjoyed lots of laughs. We also enjoyed sharing sardines and other species of seafood with Hamid in the fish markets and eating meat at the local barbeques, all with our fingers.

Being African, although from the very South, we obviously have similar constitutions because we ate almost anything and did not suffer any discomfort. Hamid shared in our pleasure of being able to eat local food.

Hamid was a fountain of Knowledge. We learnt so much about your history, religion, politics, agriculture, food, education, arts and crafts, culture, economy and more.

If there was a question he could not answer he would google it and let us know.

His punctuality was spot on, really appreciated. The inside of the vehicle was always spotless. It was also great having a never ending supply of cold bottled water, paper towels and a clean windscreen at all times.

Hamid is a competent driver and we both felt totally safe and relaxed at all times even in the traffic roundabouts with cars , busses , trucks , and simultaneous red/ green lights. We were at all times totally protected, crossing roads, taking photographs, Hamid took care of our safety. I was graciously reprimanded a few times – with reason – for getting out in a bad place. It was very sad when we had to say goodbye to this humble, polite, devout young family man who became our trusted friend.

We would highly recommend Experience It Tours to anyone. In fact we have sung your praises to many of our friend already, including our travel agent.

It was great knowing there was nothing to worry about. Absolutely everything was taken care of. At no time did we feel threatened or harassed. I do think wearing appropriate clothing commands Cultural respect. I wore long skirts and very flowing pants covered by long tops with long sleeves. Quite hot at times but not uncomfortable. When approached and I said “no thank you” that was the end!
We felt safe at all times in fact safer than in some parts of our city Durban. I guess coming from Africa, makes one instinctively know where problems might arise.

Best place was L’Ma Lodge, Skoura. Reminded us of our And Beyond experiences in Africa. Real attention to detail. We also enjoyed Riad Repose. There was a relaxing homely feeling and the food was superb. Such attention to detail.

To answer the question of highlights is difficult – there were so many – watching a European Dipper Bird in the Todra Gorge was the best birding experience . Eating fresh sardines with the fishermen on the wharf in Essaouira was a highlight followed by a fish meal with
Hamid at the central marketplace. Watching olives being crushed and tasting the fresh oil , what a treat . My husband would tell you that seeing all the construction and your BOOMING economy was a highlight. Marrakesh is a total sensory overload, the square in the evening was amazing. Our boat trip up the lagoon at Oualidia was special. The boat driver shared our enthusiasm with looking for birds . Hamid even found a viper. That was a really special experience.

There is so much more to Morocco than camel rides, souks, deserts, ceramics, carpets and leather. There are wonderful friendly people who go out of their way to make you comfortable at all times. The person at the top of our list is Hamid.

Thank you for arranging the most wonderful holiday for us. Much appreciated.

Russ and Jan S.

October of 2017