“So Impressed and Extremely Satisfied”

I didn’t want another day to go by without dropping a line about the Morocco trip. First, your company did a seamless job in orchestrating every single detail. I was so impressed and extremely satisfied. I have traveled extensively but have always been opposed to doing tours. I usually plan the trips myself and show up to my selected city or country to explore. However, I am so happy I experienced the tour route with Morocco, a country that exemplifies the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I absolutely loved Morocco, its food and its people. I have sung it nothing but high praises since my return.

Aaron- I have to commend you on your foresight and wisdom to pair our group with Ali and Abdel. Ali is MAGNIFICENT! Words cannot truly begin to describe the professionalism, kind heartedness, patience, compassion, light heartedness Ali exhibited towards us. He is a true gem. He made the trip 1000 times better. I find myself waking up in my regular day to day life in Miami missing Ali. LOL. He brought so much structure to the trip and joy to our days and evenings. He went over and beyond in helping us deal with the matter of lost luggage, driving back and forth to the airport, each time exercising so much compassion and patience towards our situation. I didn’t get my luggage until 5 ½ days into the trip, but his willingness to problem solve made me so relaxed about the entire situation. His deep knowledge of everything from the Moroccan countryside, to the sugar mills, to the perfect bathroom rest stops, to historic mosques, to dried dates, to selecting the perfect rug or tagine is outstanding. He is just an awesome person! I would recommend him to ALL my friends who have now shown a keen interest in Morocco since seeing my pictures on social media.

Abdel and Ali are the perfect pair. They have mutual respect for each other and they run an organized ship. Abdel was always a quick phone call away, (most times we didn’t see that call happen) to pick us up from a restaurant, a souk, or a tiny winding street in the medina. They came with fresh tangerines, loads of water, and smiles and good cheer on every encounter.

Again, I am SO impressed with the overall level of experience. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and for all you both did to ensure that Toni had an unforgettable 40th birthday trip.

Warm regards,


January 2016