“Second trip…loved the whole trip!”

Which tour did you take?

Morocco “Northern Triangle” – Rabat/Fes/Chefchaouen/Tangier/Casablanca

What was the highlight(s) of your trip?

Oh so many highlights! This was our second trip to Morocco, and we repeated a few favorite things while adding many new ones. Rabat has really changed and seemed much more impressive this time compared to 8 years ago. (Lots of shiny new buildings and endless rows of new trees.) I will now recommend to friends to stay in Rabat for a night or two. Late April was a stunning time to visit for spring wildflowers everywhere we went. Very comfortable temps, too. A definite highlight was riding donkeys down from Moulay Idriss (arranged with Dar Zerhoune after a lovely lunch) to Volubilis through the olive groves. What fun! We had seen the Roman ruins before, but this time the gorgeous spring made it even better.

Fes was Fes and is always amazing; then it was off to Chefchaouen for the first time — truly incredible. Getting off the touristy market streets to quiet back alleys was a revelation, and our guide knew just where to take us. And of course we hiked up to the Spanish mosque for an amazing sunset. In general, we wanted to mix in some less touristy spots (like Moulay Idriss), and Tetouan was just the thing. We had a great visit to the Royal Artisan School, including a guided tour in a mix of French and Spanish as they spoke no English. We left with some nice handmade ironwork souvenirs. The Archeological Museum was also well worth a short visit and is close to Riad Blanco, where we had a superb lunch.

Next stop, Tangier! Our first visit there, and we fell in love with the light, the views, and the international vibe. We’re actually thinking about going back next year for a month-long working vacation. A drive to Cap Spartel was beautiful, but the Hercules cave was a bit too touristy. Our final night was in Casablanca, and we dined at Rick’s Cafe. It was surprisingly tasteful (and tasty), and my mom had a blast singing along to “As Time Goes By.” Finally, the Hassan II mosque on the next morning was the perfect way to end our trip. No one should miss that highlight. As you can tell, we loved the whole trip!

Are there any places/activities that you’d advise leaving out in the future? Why?

Honestly no. I’m so glad we went to all the places we visited.

Would you recommend Experience It Tours?

Absolutely! Without any hesitation.

Who was your driver?

Ilyass (our favorite Fassi!)

Any other comments about your driver:

Wow, your company sure knows how to select drivers. We’ve had two on two visits now, and both were wonderful people and the very best ambassadors for Morocco. Ilyass is a great guy — knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, polite, skillful in crazy traffic, full of excellent recommendations, and happy to change plans on a dime (or dirham) to suit our preferences. We could not have asked for a better driver, and we’ve also made a friend for life! Here’s an example: After I expressed interest in the Fes football club, Ilyass surprised me on our last day by giving me a team jersey! He had spent the past week tracking it down. On a scale of one to five, we give Ilyass a ten!

Please list your favourite accommodations on the trip.

Dar Baibou in Chefchaouen — Full of character and great details. We had to climb many stairs to rooms on the top floor, but that gave us our own roof deck with a stunning view of the town.
Maison de Tanger in Tangier — So charming, and the staff were wonderful. We could easily easily walk through the medina and into the kasbah. Plus great views on the roof deck again!

Any other comments you want to share:

Just a great big SHUKRAN to Lorre, Amy, and everyone at Experience It Tours!

  • Craig T. (April, 2024)