“Seamless and Unforgettable”

We returned from Morocco on Monday night after a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Every aspect of our tour went smoothly and there was no incident of a negative nature at all.  We felt safe and comfortable at all times.

The design and coverage of the tour was ideally balanced giving us a real appreciation of the extent of Morocco’s charms.  At times it was ‘busy’ but there is always the conflict between not wanting to miss anything and wanting to stay forever at each place.

We would like to pick out for special mention our leader Hassani Mohammed.  We were indeed fortunate to have him as driver and guide.  His driving was faultless and caring of our comfort and safety at all times.   His organization was efficient and understanding of our needs and capabilities.  His information sharing demonstrated wide knowledge and interests.  Most of all  he was cheerful and personable and willing to enter into humour, with an appreciation of Aussie humour which is sometimes droll.  We enjoyed our time with him very much and felt cared for at all times.  In short it was a happy meeting.

The choice of Riads and Hotels was brilliant, each offering its own special brand of service and mystique.  It was like living in an illustrated story book or a continual succession of film sets.  The food and service offered at each riad and restaurant was appetizing and interesting.  The one exception to this was the Novatel at the end.  By then we had been thoroughly spoilt, and it was a come-down.  Our particular room was prepared for only one person and restoration was slow.  The dining room for dinner and breakfast seemed disorganized and the food offered was lack-lustre.  However, these were small problems compared with the whole.

The tent in the dessert left a little bit to be desired suffering some sort of power failure so there was no light or water until 8am in the morning and a certain disorganization in the serving of meals.  But again a minor thing.

Each of our guides was excellent for their knowledge and approach.  I suppose we enjoyed most the ones whose English was clearest so that we could easily hear their message.  Logical arrangement of their information so that one thought led clearly to another without backtracking was another criteria.  Sometimes the walking tours seemed to be ‘finding’ things to talk about and were a bit long and verbose.  However, I would not like to single any of the guides for criticism.

Lastly we appreciated the efficiency and comprehensive nature, not to mention the attractive style of your written material both on the web and in email form, ably backed up by warm and friendly personal communications.

We thank you for everything and will gladly and readily recommend your services to friends and family contemplating Morocco.

With every good wish to you as team, business, and individuals,

Yours sincerely,

AP – Melbourne.

(October of 2014)

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