“Seamless and Enjoyable”

The three of us had a wonderful tour of Morocco. Staying in riads was a particularly neat experience; after the hustle and bustle within the old city walls of Marrakech and Fes, to land in these little sanctuaries adds a restful, pampered and relaxing dimension to the trip.

However, the gem of our tour was our guide Ahmed Hadji who was with us throughout the 6 day trip and was informative, patient, and flexible. He did not skip a beat helping us with restaurant choices, picking up forgotten articles, providing advice and information, and making sure we were delivered safely home to the riad after our evening meals. He set a pleasant relaxed tone to our tour that was much appreciated.

We would like to recommend to you the Riad Karmela in Marrakech for inclusion in your tours. It is a lovely spot within the medina, reasonably priced and the owners are very nice people. It has 2 sister riads located on the same block that are also lovely.
We were aware that Beni Malal was a transit stop on the way to Fes but you might want to look at whether there are accommodations there for your tours that display more of the local colour than the hotel selected. We did, however, enjoy the pool.

The riad selected for us in Fes was lovely and well-located.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Volubilis, the ancient Roman city near Fes. We would particularly recommend the guide there who is known locally as ‘The Teacher’ which says it all. Ahmed arranged specifically for him to give us our tour which was informative but very relaxed. That day was quite jam-packed as we were also toured around Meknes by a very energetic young guide later in the day. We were pretty tuckered out by the time we reached Rabat quite late in the day. I asked for a change of accommodations for Rabat while in Fes and Jeff, your local agent, and his staff were very gracious about it. We were trying to avoid staying in hotels. While quaint, I wouldn’t recommend the riad I found for us in the casbah.

We had a wonderful time at the Jardins Exotiques recommended by the owner of our riad. It is about 15 km. outside of Rabat and we would highly recommend a stop there. There is a large hotel (can’t remember the name but the only large one nearby) about 5 km. from the gardens right on the sea that is a wonderful lunch stop.

We enjoyed the refined and restful atmosphere (along with the cocktails) at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca on our way back to Marrakech. The Riad Jasmine was a beautiful choice for our last night in Marrakech.
Many thanks for making the tour so seamless and enjoyable for the three of us.
Best wishes,
Mary, Wanda and Helene.

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