“Sahara was really unforgettable!!”


From the first email we received from you, we had more or less decided we would book our tour with your company.

Our driver Driss is a very skilful driver and he was very patient and helpful too. The restaurants he recommended  did not fail to impress us every time, especially the Le table in Marrakech and other little coffee breaks we had in the local coffee shops. When one of us was not feeling well and did not joined us dinner, Driss was quick to suggest we take away food for our friend, in case he gets hungry later in the night. That was certainly very thoughtful of him. Back in Casablanca, when we mentioned we wanted to visit the morocco mall, he was nice enough to drive us there and pick us back in a few hours’ time, enough for some of us who are shopaholics!

All in all, there wasn’t a place where we didn’t enjoy ourselves, but the stay in the deluxe tent in the sahara was really unforgettable!! We were also thankful that you took the time and effort to help us book another hotel in Marrakech other than the ones that were on the list. We also enjoyed our stay at the Xaluca Dades and Kasbah Xaluca.

In Marrakech, our guide Nouredinne is also a funny and very experienced guide who helped us in our bargaining with the shop owners. His favourite phrase was “just give him the money” . We also went back to Djemaa el-Fna in the evening to totally immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the bustling square. We had a great dinner at a restaurant which had a wonderful view of the busy square. Driss was also nice enough to pick us up at around 10 pm back to our hotel, perhaps he knew we couldn’t walk back anymore!!

We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family who are interested in visiting Morocco. It was a pity we didn’t get to meet you in Fes, where you stay.

Anyway, good luck and best wishes to you and your family, and Experience it Tours.



(June of 2013)