“Recommend Visiting Morocco to EVERYONE”

I recommend visiting Morocco to EVERYONE who asks how the trip was. I cannot exaggerate how enjoyable our trip was – it was that good.

There were SOOooo many memorable moments they’re pretty much innumerable!  The many aspects of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, visiting with Berbers, tours of 300+ year old date orchards & Casbahs, camel ride into the edge of the Sahara, Todra hike, Chefchaoen, Volubilis, Essaouira Atlantic Ocean views…I cannot name them all

As our driver, Gjamal was most qualified. As an ‘overall guide’ – he was OVER qualified! Gjamal seems to have contacts in every city, town, village, madina & casbah we visited. He drove over 2800 miles over the course of our visit & never batted an eye!!

What made it even more interesting for us was that the weather & topography is VERY similar to the Southwest USA.


January 2016

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