couple riding on camels in the desert of Morocco

“Phenomenal / amazing trip to Morocco!”

Marcia and I had a phenomenal/amazing trip to Morocco.  Illyass is a marvelous guide, and he enhanced the quality of our experiences manifold.  Ilyass is very knowledgeable, and he guided us in understanding his country’s culture, history, religions, geography, cuisines, politics, commerce and agriculture. His love and respect for Morocco, for his family, and for his profession as a guide/representative of his country is readily apparent. We love Ilyass, and are privileged to have gotten to know him.

We have several favorite cities. Probably the one that called to us most powerfully is Chefchaouen. It really is magical, with the blue buildings nestled in the hills. As Jews, we were especially glad to see our contributions to the esthetics and culture of the city. The walk and dinner alongside the river coming from the Rif Mountains was charming. Ilyass also brought us into the celebration the the Prophet’s birthday at a restaurant with ten local women singers and musicians. Clapping, dancing, and singing (to the best of our abilities) would be our special Moroccan story.

The riads are very special. Each one was different and very lovely. The accommodations, the staff and the food were super. What a nice way to travel!

The desert camping night was very nice. The camel ride at sunset was especially memorable. I see that you also arrange trips to Kenya.

We really had a fabulous trip, and adore Ilyass. We will recommend Ilyass, your agency and Morocco to our friends and family members.

Elliott  and Marcia.

(October of 2022)