Overall it was superb, and your services were exemplary

Many thanks for your email and for all your services. You and your colleagues all performed wonderfully and I have no complaints of any kind. All went smoothly and was just what we wanted. The guides were great…the chap in Fes was particularly good and if possible I’d strongly recommend him for future participants. Our driver was also excellent and did a wonderful job, and Id happily recommend him again.

As for suggestions for improvement. Not complaints mind you, but things I’d do differently or advise about. Well, as a historian, I’d have to say that apart from the the city guides, most site guides in Morocco as well as Egypt, Turkey etc etc, are really not very reliable. Our guide in Voluobis for example was a very friendly guy, no problems at all on that score. The problem was that he was leading tours around a Roman city while knowing almost nothing about Roman history and culture. What he did was regurgitate old myths and legends… Result? Tourists leave a site with little or no real understanding, while being burdened with silly old wives tales that are totally untrue. This is, in my view, a sad state of affairs. Of course, its the resposibility of the site management to rectify this, BUT I’d not wager my life’s savings that they will ever do this. Instead, I’d include in your packet of information a paper or two on the history of the site…written in modern, engaging, up to date language and incorporating all the latest thinking, include a map, and give that to people and skip the guide entirely. Honestly, that will be much better.

The only other thing is food. Moroccan food is wonderful, but in my view there were a few too many stops at places which were full of foreigners, and only foreigners. They were tourists restaurants, and served the same 3 dishes from one end of the country to the other, often not very well. Im sure the guides get a kickback for dropping tourists off there, but what I’d do is make a list of 10 truly local places, places full of Moroccans speaking arabic or french. That is what people come for, not to be surrounded by tour groups going on in Spanish and German. Give this list out, and people can then choose if they want to eat at the ‘safe’ tourist option or dive in an eat at a really good local place.

Those are my only two suggestions for improving the tour.

Overall it was superb, and your services were exemplary. I’d be happy to recommend you and you may give out my email address to prospective clients looking for feedback from previous participants.
Ok, I hope this helps and I wish you all the best!

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