“Our Trip was Terrific”

So…our trip was terrific.  Thanks to you and the team for all of the coordination, follow up and great service.  The last night in Casablanca was lovely – the replacement hotel was a treat.  We’ve been fortunate enough to stay at quite a few Relais & Chateaux and unique properties.  While this one no longer has the R&C designation, it is a lovely place and the services was terrific, including mustering a 4 am breakfast for us before our flight.

We loved every riad (in Fes, Marrakesh, wow re the rooms, the food, the staff) and the guesthouse in Chechouen was wonderful – the view, the food, the service.  The night in the desert was quite the experience partly because of the sandstorm, but also because the service staff were so kind and tolerant about our choice to stay out despite the storm  – and they made us one of the best tagines we had in Morocco while the sand and wind whipped away.

Now, for Jamal: I cannot say enough good about him or the flawless, seamless top level of service he provides.  We are choosy travelers which is why we have never taken a tour like this before.  Jamal ensured that EVERYTHING was smooth, pleasant, safe, special from the moment he met me at the airport.  He is a young man of wisdom and character and his knowledge and love for his country opened our eyes every day.  His generosity of spirit had no bounds, whether it was finding us an alternative restaurant when we couldn’t face another tagine, securing all the shipping supplies so my son could send his bulkiest items back to Canada,  or staying with us to reassure my son the night we stayed in the Sahara.  Special memories he made possible were the many roadside stops to pick a rose, water goats, watch a wheat field harvest, meet shepherds and nomads, experience a Kasbah with a wonderful host…he made sure we had lovely small moments to punctuate the spectacular sites and arranged tours. It was a nice bonus that he and my son hit it off, and shared jokes and music for the entire trip.  Did I mention the car was spotless every day…even after I managed to get into some serious mud?  He is a real professional and we are deeply appreciative of the experience he facilitated for us.

In terms of the tour plan, if I were to do it again I would look more closely at the time spent in all of the historical areas vs New Towns.  Also would have asked for museums and galleries in some places.  Finally, would have reduced the stops to hear sales pitches re rugs, crafts, etc.  This said, I didn’t hesitate to buy the beautiful things especially at women’s coops.  🙂  But these are things I would tweak – nothing serious.

With thanks,