Sunset and sea in Morocco

“Our Trip was Everything I hoped for and more!”

We’re home safe and sound, and in good health. I hope the same for you and yours. I know this pandemic is going to be terrible for your industry and I look forward to helping to be a small part of your future recovery. Paul and I slipped through Paris and into Atlanta without barely a glip. 24 hours later it was a zoo. 

Our trip was everything I hoped for and more. I had done a good deal of reading on Portugese exploration, Moorish expansion, crusades, etc. including some Paul Bowles fiction. So I was stoked for the journey and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved all of it. 

The images I will remember the most are the stunning views of the coast. The seas are mesmerizing and the sunsets are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It rivals the desert for a jaw-dropping experiences.  Paul and I made a point to enjoy each of the sunsets and the evening we were at the La Sultana enjoying the evening view with a nice bottle of wine, some cheese and olives, with the best service AND there is a magazine photo shoot happening on the dock with a beautiful model. Wow! How much to pay for an Experience like that??

My favorite day was an impromptu trip to the Anime Garden – which we loved – and into the Atlas to Ourida with lunch beside the stream. It was a day with my son, and my good Moroccan friend, that I will cherish forever and an Experience I will never forget.

Paul and I really enjoyed our museum visits; in Rabat the National Art is sparse but has some interesting work and the archaeology museum was nicely laid out. The Orientalist museum in Marrakech was our favorite. Also saw the mosque (spectacular and moving), the Museum of Marrakech (lots of interesting background, info and photo opp). 

Every place we stayed was wonderful. The Moroccans always give me the feeling that they’ve just been waiting for my arrival to complete their happiness. It’s obvious to me that the universities and learning centers are doing a bang-up job preparing young people to work in the hospitality industry. I would say the service and attention to the guest experience is absolutely world class and the young man who served Paul and I supper on the top of Riad Kinza was an absolute world class expert at everything he did. His service was truly a performance. We tipped heavily. I think they realize nationalities, but seem to treat everyone – in an Islamic way maybe? as an honored visitor. That’s certainly the feeling I got. They were wonderful to me and uttering a phrase or two of Arabic will open doors and smiles. They are hospitable people – much like American southerners. 

La Sultana is a not miss. I could spend a week there. The service is just beyond….

Rachid is, of course, a major factor in our happiness. It’s wonderful to return to a good friend. His wife had made us cookies! One day in Marrakech he was leading us to the Secret Garden and Orientalist Museum and he was dressed in full-out jacketed travel guide mode. Extremely handsome and professional. I could tell he really enjoyed and worked hard at that role. And he is VERY GOOD at it. Most days, however, we were three friends looking for a good place to hang out and watch the ocean and maybe have a good piece of fish. (We stopped in Al Jadida and I had a plate of grilled shrimp that was worth the purchase price of the entire trip).We are all musicians and loved careening down the road to good music. 

He threatened a restaurateur who cheated us on the amount of chicken in a tajine. THAT’S how well he looked after us. One day we were climbing around cliffs and he was cautioning Paul to be careful. 

Rachid is a good man and an excellent representative of your company and his country. I consider him my friend. 

You know that I am crazy about ExperienceIt! Tours and all the work you do to give me the trip I want. I remember full well the conversation Gene and I had before our first booking with you in 2013 and how we were impressed with your response time and knowledge of the country. Every contact I have had with you and office since then has been truly exceptional. You listen, and provide expert advice. Everytime you recommend a place to me, I know it will be wonderful. I’ve never been disappointed. After my third trip I can begin to look forward to my fourth. (To the north!)

Morocco is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I hope more Americans will decide to enjoy the magic and mystery. 

2022 – Northern Morocco and the Med !!

Thanks to you and EIT for another great trip!


(March of 2020)