“Our trip to Morocco was WONDERFUL!!!”

We got home last night from our stay in Italy and are trying to turn our clocks around. Our trip to Morocco was WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!! Experience it Tours delivered everything promised. Yousef made the tour especially memorable because of his personality. He was so warm and giving of his knowledge. We came away with an appreciation of the history of Morocco and a better understanding of Islam.

The Riads were a highlight and I am so glad we experienced those. Hotel Maamora was adequate but just fair. I think we all enjoyed Chefchaouen best and then probably Essaouira next. And those favorites are only because the cities are smaller and the streets not so crowded. But certainly the casbahs of Fez and Marrakech were fascinating.

As you can see we were more than happy with our experience and will certainly recommend Morocco as a destination to friends and Experience it Tours as the only way to go.

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