“Our Morocco Tour “

Idris did an excellent job as driver/guide and looked after our interests throughout the trip. Nothing was too difficult for him and any problems that occurred along the way were resolved efficiently. We managed to learn at least one Moroccan word a day more than we had already learnt and I am sure we expanded his very good English vocabulary.

The Riads were all very good. I am sure you know that the ones you normally use are excellent. The one we chose in Casablanca, although a bit hard to find, was probably better than any of the others and the one we chose in Rabat was probably not quite up to the standard of the others. We continued to be amazed though, that one can walk down a blank concrete lined alleyway and step through a simple doorway into a beautiful courtyard and accommodation rooms. The food was very good and certainly worthwhile including as half board.

By the end of the trip we felt we were just starting to get to know a little of the people, their country and their culture and we had some amazing times (some funny, some not so funny) getting to that point. Bargaining for fossils with a couple of camel handlers who spoke no English, using a Moroccan calculator (camels saddle rug with smoothed area of sand in the centre) while sitting on a sand dune in the Sahara as the sun went down was probably one of the highlights. We all laughed so much it was incredible.

Now we are going through the hundreds of pictures we took to make up an album of the experiences.

Thank you for allowing us to experience it.

RW Sept 2007

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