“Our Experiences in Morocco were Awesome”

Our experiences in Morocco were awesome…we could not have asked for anything better and have come away with precious memories and a new awareness of a stunning country of extreme contrasts in landscape, beautiful warm hospitable peoples, whatever their circumstances, a culture and customs of magnitude, dating back in time, which we could never have imagined, all made possible due to our driver, companion and now friend; Namir.

Namir’s extensive knowledge, his inclusiveness in showing us how proud he is of his country, its historical beginnings centuries ago, to the cultural changes through the years, the  success of the present and vision for the future, was exceptional. Exemplary customer service, sensitivity to our wishes, requests and needs was outstanding. Nothing was to hard, nor to big or small. We marveled at Namir’s exceptional driving abilities and attendance to western traditions in driving, in difference to the “rules and standards of Moroccan driving” which were so foreign to us. This was a sight to behold and experience.

We so enjoyed his company, enjoyed the local eateries we had the pleasure to share with him all over the country. Accustomed as we had been to eating with the locals in outdoor butcheries, experienced in other travels, we were quite at home in the “outdoor restaurants” of Morocco selected for us by Namir. We were very happy he included us in open discussion with the butchers, and cooks, to our meal preferences, selecting our meals in the many kitchens along the way. We lifted the lids on so many terrine’s, watched as our special cuts of meat came off our chosen beast. We sat in the smoky residue of the charcoal fires experiencing the mixed tantalizing aromas of freshly prepared meals, and ate as the Moroccan does, soaking up the juices with their famous breads, while slurping down hot Mint Tea.

Our guides, selected by Namir, were also outstanding in their knowledge of the history, historical significance, customs and cultures of the tours they were specifically selected for, and we so enjoyed these excursions, delving as we did, further into the historical and current treasures of Morocco. Our accommodation in all cities and especially in the desert was of the highest quality, and the people we met who laughed and shared our passions, were a sheer delight.  Highlights, it was one continuous highlight, each day a new experience to awaken the senses, a culture of learning to experience and build on. It was amazing.

Namir is certainly a prized asset to the Company.

Namir has become a friend as has his wife Houria who travelled down from Fes for our final day in Casablanca. We spent much of the day and that evening together for our last traditional Moroccan dinner. I have attached a couple of photos of the evening…this was a pleasure shared by all.

So thank you Ruth, Aaron and Team. It has been a real pleasure to have done our travel business with you. “Experience It Tours” certainly has meant exactly this for us, and so much more, and I hope we can continue to have the pleasure of your Company and advice into the future.

With warmest regards

Carol and John.

(Jan of 2017)

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