“An Experience that More People Should Be Aware of!”

Actually I have been anxious to give you feedback and thinking about the feedback throughout the entire tour, because there is no question that my experience was fantastic.  Every aspect of your organization is wonderfully run, caring, detailed, professional, well-respected and was simply an experience that more people should be aware of.

There is no doubt you’re aware of what a significant ambassador for your company that Jamal is.  That is, his personality, knowledge, use of language, attention to detail, breadth of experience, all couldn’t be better.  I am so anxious to have you feel free to give people my wife and my name and phone number so that they can call and ask any questions they want.  So they can be assured that in our opinion, as experienced travelers, you found and implemented a wonderful program.

In the way you handle things, you represent the country very well and there was not a concern throughout the entire trip that we were not in the absolute best hands, getting the best opportunities, staying at the best places based upon our desires; eating at the places we wanted to eat and experiencing the country side and the cities that make up a substantial portion of Morocco.  We were able to familiarize ourselves on a very personal basis with the Muslim religion and life and the life of the Moroccans.
There were many highlights to our trip.

The riads in Fez and Marrakech were very special. But the real star of the program is Jamal and his car.

The service from your company made us feel, from the very moment we arrived to the moment we left, as if there was nothing we had to worry about. All of our needs were met including last minute changes and modifications that we requested and desired, which were done effortlessly from our point of view.

Tom and Sue.

(May of 2012)