“Most Wonderful Trip!”

Firstly thank you so very much for the most wonderful trip that you have put together for Brian and myself.  We are having the most amazing time and it is due, firstly to yourself and secondly to our wonderful driver Driss.

We never ever anticipated that we would see such wonderful sights and to also have Driss explain them to us in such good detail.  We are finding the history so incredible and it is like nothing I could explain to people (I will tell my friends I cannot explain you must come and see for yourself!!).

Each tour guide, chosen by Driss have been wonderful and probably the most wonderful one was in Chefchaouen.  What a wonderful courteous, respectful scholar of a man.  76 years old and graceful, fit and charming.

Driss is a wonderful driver and although it is the different side of the road for us (in NZ we drive on the left hand side) I have not for one moment felt nervous.  The Mercedes Van is very comfortable with so much leg room and room for bags and good air conditioning.

The daytime restaurants that Driss has taken us to have been so clean and authentic with delicious food and every day has been something so different including yesterday a  restaurant owned by a Berber family who were charming.

We have tasted beautiful fruit and cannot believe what a lush country this is.  Everyday we pass Pomegranate trees, Date Palms, Almond Trees, Fig Trees, apple trees, orange trees, grape vines, plum trees, peach trees, cherry trees, cacti fruit, corn, sugarcane, tomatoes, okra, lemon trees and so many more.

Your advice to stay in the Riads as much as possible has allowed us to see the most beautiful houses and to have beautiful dinners and have been given such a warm welcome at each and every one.  The cleanliness is outstanding and nothing is too much trouble for the staff.

We felt very honoured to have Jill visit us in Fes at our Riad and share a drink with ourselves and Driss.   I cannot imagine another travel company taking such an interest in their clients and going out of their way to meet up, in their own time, with the clients. 

Thank you also for your advice on what clothes to bring with me.  It has been a wonderful help and I am so pleased I did as you said.  I would highly recommend to my friends what you told me to wear and also to only bring cotton or linen and very loose fitting.

Thank you again Lorre and if you could please let Lori K know what a wonderful time we are having and thank her for her input as well.

Kind regards,


(August of 2019)