“Morocco was really a lot of Fun!”

Rosalie W. - Camel ride shadows

Morocco was really a lot of fun, and a large portion of my favorable opinion was having Illyas (Aka – “George”) with us for the week! He got us where we needed to be, and he selected guides who were knowledgeable, interesting, and pleasant to spend time with. He helped us see his country from his perspective, and that was great. He gave us enough rope to do things on our own, so to speak, but he was always nearby when we needed him for something. We were lucky to have someone who was so fun to be with.

We thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class that he helped arrange at the last minute in Fes. Being involved in produce shopping to actually prepare a meal, rather than just looking at all the activity in the market, was quite the experience! The chicken is a whole other story. . .

The riads Experience It selected were treasures. My favorite was Riad Chergui. The staff in each location took very good care of us, and the meals they prepared were lovely and delicious.

After the riads, the Kasbah experience was quite a disappointment. Too Vegas-y, too many people, cold food — I could have done without those. The second Xaluca stay was better than the first, but the riads rule.

Virginia & I have spoken since we’ve been back, and we both feel the tour cost was quite fair for all we were able to do in the time we had. We appreciate all the help you & the EIT staff provided prior to our visit. There were no glitches that I can think of. Well, except for the kasbahs. . .!

George’s last words before we took off was to pay attention to the shadows, so thanks, Ilyass! Can’t believe I let go of the bar long enough to turn sideways to take the photo!



(May of 2016)