“Morocco was definitely a highlight”

We are happy to be home but Morocco was definitely a highlight in our three month trip.It is great to be given the opportunity to provide feedback for your tour, so here goes!

Driss was an absolute wonder! He was a skilled and careful driver and kept the vehicle in tip top condition. Driss can be relied on to handle any situation with exceptional ease. Our time with him was very enjoyable as he has excellent interpersonal skills and a great sense of humour. His flexible response to our requests was a highlight, as we felt we could request anything reasonable and Driss would make it happen with a smile! We were impressed with Driss’ fluency in a number of languages. He was able to answer all our cultural questions in depth because of his facility with English and because he genuinely wanted us to understand more about the country of which he is so proud. He would be just the right person for leading luxury tours, meeting the high service expectations of such clients in every respect. We greatly appreciated that there was no ‘hard sell” from Driss. Driss is a class act and a huge asset to Experience-It Tours!

Despite our concerns about our back health, we were in good enough physical condition to undertake the camel ride and to stay overnight in the desert. That certainly was a highlight, although everyone in the group would have appreciated more time in the desert the following morning rather than being hustled back to camp so quickly.

The room provided at Dunes D’Or was useful for leaving luggage but we were surprised to find that there was no electricity to the room ( although it was turned on in other parts of the complex). The room was so poorly lit that we had to take our luggage outside to see what to pack, the bathroom was lit by one tiny candle and the shower was cold! Seems pretty poor when the cost has been included in the tour. Kasbah Tizimi looked great but was also a disappointment with broken fittings in the room, a television that didn’t work and grumpy staff who showed no interest at all in providing decent service for their guests.

By contrast, Auberge le Festival, Les Jardins de Skoura and Riad Irocha were fabulous in every respect with great hospitality, exceptionally comfortable and tastefully decorated facilities and delicious food. Auberge Le Festival would not be a winter recommendation as rooms are unheated, but the location away from the touristy end of the gorge is a huge plus and gives easy access for those interested in hiking. All these places maintained high standards of cleanliness and demonstrated an interest in making everyone’s stay as personal and enjoyable as possible.

Some clearer information from you about “Tips/portages/hotels” and “Entrance fees” would have been helpful as we felt awkward not knowing exactly what the expectations were. Had we pre paid all portages regardless of whether Driss or the hotel porters carried our luggage or were we expected to tip porters on top of our tour fees if they moved our bags? Did the hotel tips we had paid your company, include tips to the cleaners? Which entrance fees had we already paid for?

The voucher system caused a head ache for us as we were not aware of how it operated and did not realise that they were the only proof of accommodation booked…we assumed that the office would have arranged all that. It was a problem because we did not receive our tour pack until we returned to Australia after flying home from Morocco! We had been travelling continuously since early September and had no idea that anything was being posted to Australia, and din’t have a European address. The vouchers were also emailed but it was extremely difficult to open the attachments and many cyber cafes did not allow anything to be saved to hard drive for printing. It was quite a headache as we tried on numerous occasions to open and print them. Perhaps the driver could have provided us with the pack on the first day?

Finally I think the tour pack is very informative and it would definitely have been useful to read before we arrived in Morocco. Loved the map!
Thanks again
Please pass on our gratitude to Driss for ensuring that our experience was enjoyable and authentic in every way possible.
Jill and Alan

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