“Morocco Tour Was 10 out of 10”

In a nutshell, the Morocco tour was a 10 out of 10. The combination of the cost and quality of the accomodations/guides/food/sites visited, etc., was a good value. Would we take the tour again? Absolutely.

We enjoyed the Riads. All were better than expected. We would never have found consistent accommodations of this quality on our own. Perhaps the best accommodation was the desert tent. That was amazing, hot and cold running water and a great bed in the middle of nowhere!

We enjoyed everything. There was not a lot of downtime/relaxing. That’s nice as we can relax at home. We came to see Morocco and felt like we received a representative sample of many aspects of the country.

Kudos go to Rostom, a seasoned guide who set the right pace for the trip. There was a day where little was on the set itinerary. Rostom took it upon himself to organize unexpected tours that day, the full day. I never saw him any time he wasn’t happy and easy-going with us. “No” was not part of his vocabulary. He always facilitated our requests. For example, we had a bathroom break at a restaurant where he was going to take us for lunch later. The bathrooms weren’t very clean and 4 or 5 people didn’t want to eat lunch there. Rostom reacted quickly and took us to a different, much nicer restaurant; no problem. He also bought little samples of things from the markets along the way for us to try/taste.One interesting things was there were no other tour groups at many of the places we visited. We didn’t get a “canned” tour, but rather saw special places that were off the beaten track. This was the norm on the tour, not the exception.

We felt very comfortable with our driver. He took things slow and easy while driving, something several of us who have a tendency to get motion-sick appreciated very much. None of us had any problems.

We had the same special treatment from EIT in the US that you gave. I’ve been the point person for the group on several private three-week tours. We needed to send many, many emails to facilitate the tour for the group. Ruth was very well organized and we had no issues what-so-ever with the administrative aspects of the tour.

We visited Portugal before coming to Morocco. When things don’t go quite right, you just roll with it, solve the problem, and move on. We had several hiccups while in Portugal. There were no hiccups, that we knew of, in Morocco.

Thank you for setting up this trip that will give us wonderful memories for years to come.


(October of 2018)