“More than we dreamed about it”

My wife Nada and I are back home safely. You were right telling me that Namir will take great care of us. Our entire trip was magical, more than we dreamed about it.

Morocco is a very rich country, historically and culturally. It is a country with old cities, beautiful monuments, very friendly people and wonderful food. It is something you must visit.

It is really hard to pick what was standing out. Certainly Fes Medina, Sahara Desert, Marrakech Grand Vizier’s Palace (Bahija), beautiful Hassan II Mosque. But there are so many other beautiful cities, sites, riads, kasbahs and people. Everything is just a huge magical kaleidoscope of colors and sites constantly flowing in front of your eyes.

Please use us as a reference whenever you need. It will be our small repay to a beautifully organized trip with so many wonderful and very useful advises and suggestions.

Please say hello to everybody who help us to have unforgettable Morocco journey.


Sefik & Nada M.

(September / 2017)