“It was just so Magical!”

It is so hard being back home after such a wonderful adventure.

Youssef [our driver] served us very well.  He was a very good match for us.  He was very informative, helpful, cheerful, and responsive.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone. 

Our favourite city was Chefchueon (even though I cannot spell it). We also enjoyed Rabat. The riads were magical.  Some were much better than others.  We highly, highly recommend the Repose.  We also thought the Riad we stayed in the Todje gorge was an exceptional Riad and well worth the stay there.  The food was amazing. 

The desert section was our favourite.  Particularly our New year’s eve camping experience.  It was just so magical. 

Oh, the ballooning experience was magical too and we would recommend this as a recommended add-on for other people.

Nina and family.

(December of 2019)