Grand parents with their grandson on their tour to Morocco standing together to take a picture

“It was a trip of a lifetime!”

We had a wonderful trip to Morocco with Experience It Tours. Our driver, Rachid was an excellent driver, knowledgeable about his country, making sure we were comfortable in our surroundings, and always a good companion.

The Riad accommodations were wonderful. We enjoyed being in the midst of cities-each had its own look and feel. An unexpected surprise was the Morocco football team in the World Cup. Our grandson Elliot played goalie in high school and college and found in Rachid a lover of the sport as well. Rachid arranged for us to be where we could see all 3 of the games they played, in cafes with the local fans, a special treat we will remember as one of the highlights of our Morocco experience.

Another highlight was our cooking and baking classes. We learned a lot about the spices used in Morocco’s wonderful food. Elliot at 21 likes to cook and uses spices himself so he had a great time as we made soup, a chicken tagine and a warm salad with eggplant and other vegetables.

Yet another highlight was the opportunity to see a great deal of the varied and beautiful geography of Morocco, from fertile farmland to snow capped mountains to desert sand. We were so pleased we decided on the 14 day trip. We needed it all to leave with memories of so many locations.

The people of Morocco were a highlight, all so welcoming, accommodating and interesting.

Experience It was the perfect way for us to do this trip with our grandson. We had flexibility in our schedule (to watch the World Cup matches), the comfort of our own mini van that gave us plenty of passenger and luggage room and the opportunity to be with a wonderful driver who connected us with the people of Morocco through his many friends along the way. Rachid and Elliot bonded over soccer, but we also felt as though we got to know him as more than just a tour guide.

The last day when we created the situation where we missed our plane home Rachid displayed his ability to be flexible, resourceful and forgiving. He had been with us for two weeks and was looking forward to being at home with his family when suddenly we stayed for an extra day. He showed us things in Casablanca we wouldn’t have seen and was so cheerful about being with us. He was remarkable. When we said good-bye at the hotel on Monday night we thought this was our final good-bye. However when we arrived in the hotel lobby at 5:30 the next morning to take the Airport Shuttle there was Rachid who had spent the night nearby so he could take us to the airport in the morning. This was above and beyond anything we could have imagined. He is extraordinary!!!

It was a trip of a lifetime for all of us in so many ways and we thank you and all of your staff for helping us make our time in Morocco so special.

With much appreciation,
Nancy, Tom and Elliot
(November/December of 2022)