“Incredibly good price!”

Cathi has sent you a report of our trip to Morocco that was arranged by Experience It Tours. It perfectly relates the excitement, the expectations, the satisfactions, the amazing experiences at every turn, whether in the narrow streets of a souk, the winding roads in the mountains, or on the back of a camel in the sand dunes.

I do want to add how much I appreciated working with the Experience It team to bring this trip together. I started with a pretty big order – help three well travelled ladies of a certain age, learn about and experience as much of Morocco as possible in ten days. I emphasized that we wanted to see and be among the real people of the country as they went about their lives, that we wanted to see, feel, and even smell what Morocco is. After two months of reading, talking to tour personnel, and trying to sort out what we wanted our trip to be, I chose Experience It Tours because they offered us the most flexibility in planning the routes and activities, and at an incredibly good price.

Nothing seemed to faze them, even when on fairly short notice, I asked that the entire trip be done in reverse, starting in Marrakesh and leaving from Casablanca. It was a special treat to actually get to meet Aaron and other Experience It personnel while we were in Fez. And finally, I can’t overemphasize how wonderful Rostom was. In addition to his being knowledgeable, always on time, pleasant, and a great driver, he made us feel that he was aware of our safety at all times.

I don’t think I can add much to what Cathi has said about the details of the trip except, thank you Aaron, Paul, and especially Rostom for an experience of a lifetime.

Helen April 2010

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