“I would recommend Experience It! enthusiastically!”

You may know by now that we went to Portugal for 10 days following our Morocco adventure, now that I am back in Atlanta and have caught up on laundry and email I will take the opportunity to tell you what a wonderful trip we had and to thank you for making it so. It was an extra treat to meet the Experience It! staff when we were in Fes!

I would recommend Experience It! enthusiastically! Our guide, Rostom, was perfectly wonderful. He is an excellent driver, knowledgeable about the country, its history & culture; punctual, cheerful, flexible and possesses great language and interpersonal skills. He is the perfect combination of charming and professional; we could not possibly have seen and experienced Morocco in the way we did without him.

When I first saw our itinerary and the hours of travel some days included, I anticipated some long stretches of boredom. That shows how little I knew about the marvelously diverse and interesting country of Morocco. Who could be bored traveling through snow capped mountains; cedar forests filled with monkeys; fields full of stunningly beautiful wild flowers; picturesque herds of goats, sheep and camels; orange orchards, vineyards and oasis of date palms; immense reservoirs of turquoise water; deserts, canyons and mountains?!

The cities and towns we visited offered even more at which to marvel. The charming riads, Kasbahs and Berber tents, taught us so much about the architecture of the country and why it is perfect for the area. The hotels and riads where we stayed more than met our expectations; all were comfortable, well run, beautiful and interesting. The small winding streets of the medinas, revealed graceful cool homes and businesses, kept cool and safe behind thick mud walls. With the help of Rostom and the city guides, Morocco, a country that might have appeared mysterious and dangerous, was revealed to be something else entirely. I grew so accustomed to the calls to prayer we heard each day, that I missed them when we arrived in Portugal! We saw the mix of traditional and modern culture as we traveled through the countryside, through towns and into bustling modern Casablanca. Imagine the combination of a huge modern movie studio in an area that also produces extraordinary fossils mined from the remains of the area when it was underwater! We could see the country modernize as we traveled from the south ( Marrakech) to modern Casablanca. Donkeys became motor scooters, then cars and taxis. The predominance of women who were veiled and covered from head to toe, gave way to short skirts and jeans. Cobbled stoned streets became multilane freeways. We saw some of the country’s first policewomen in a mountain town that could have been mistaken for Switzerland. Our visit to the Roman ruins at Volubilis was a highlight. The local guide brought the city alive. How lucky we were to see this amazing city’s mosaics, baths, courtyards, brothel and column lined streets, so well preserved. Marrakech, Essaouira, the Atlas Mountains, the Todra Gorges, Erfoud, Midelt, the Sahara Desert (Who knew camel riding could be such fun!) and Fes each provided wonderful experiences! Thank you for attending to the details that made this trip such a jewel!!

Cathi April 2010
Atlanta, GA

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