Couple taking a picture in Moroccan market

I don’t usually use tour companies but…

I would like to join Bill in thanking you for the extraordinary travel experience of your Fabulous Fortnight Moroccan tour. Our tour was fantastic. Morocco is  a land of beauty and wonder and our stay was all too brief . There is so much history, so much culture, so many landscapes, and so much amazing food that every day was a new adventure.


I particularly want to acknowledge our driver and guide, Youssef Maamri, who was the main reason our trip was so wonderful. He knows and loves his country: it’s history,  people,  religion, food, souks, towns and cities; he brought all of this to us with great enthusiasm. He made us feel welcomed and safe

I don’t usually use tour companies when I travel because I have found them informational but indifferent. During a four week tour of China  our guide spoke competently. I learned a lot about China’s history and legacy…… but I never met a single  Chinese individual. It was much like watching a travel documentary rather than participating. Of course, language created barriers, but our guide made no effort to bridge that problem.


Your Moroccan tour was  completely opposite. The Riad stays were welcoming as well as beautiful, like exotic B&B’s. Meeting Massimo, owner of the Riad Le Clos des Arts in Marrakech, was a joy of conversation and philosophy, a remarkably interesting man. The desert/camel  experince was so much fun; Bill joined in a drumming session with the Berber players, and the tent accommodation was much more luxurious than any rough camping I’ve ever done. Our tangine cooking class and trip to the spice market was wonderful, as was meeting Allison, Moona, and Mohammed.  This would be a long letter indeed to relate all the wonderful moments of our trip.

But I must repeat what an important part of our experience was Youssef.   Bill and I offered him some difficult challenges given our two opposite physical abilities. I can still run up hills walk for hours, whereas Bill struggles to do that. Youssef was always aware and  balanced that situation with more skill and kindness than I would have thought possible. On one occasion, his friend, a rug merchant shared a spontaneous lunch among us, which his wife prepared. As we ate he and Youssef explained to Bill and me the imam’s noontime lesson. I loved it. I loved meeting the old woman at the desert well, climbing deep down the tunnels with her and Youssef. I loved meeting a Kasbah home and family, having tea, cookies and dates with them. 

More than all the mosques, kasbahs,  tangines, souks, and riads, the greatest part of this trip was seeing Morocco and its people through the eyes of a man who loves his country deeply and wants  to share that love with others. He said we are friends for life – I agree.

Thank you once again we the experience of a lifetime


Oct 2016