“I can think of no better way to travel”

We are safely back in Canada after our amazing Moroccan adventure. We would like to thank Experience It Tours for creating our itinerary and enabling us to have an excellent holiday with every detail taken care of. Right from our initial contact with the company and the smooth financial transactions, followed by the numerous emails of photographs and background information which served to whet our appetites, we knew we were in excellent hands. We have travelled with other companies to places such as Jordan, Oman, Peru and Ecuador and I have to say that you have been the best. We truly felt that we were individuals seeing those parts of Morocco that we wanted to experience and that we were not part of a group being shunted from place to place.

A large part of our gratitude must go to our driver, Wahid. He was a careful and courteous driver, always on time in a meticulously clean vehicle that was filled with gas and ready to go. He proved to be empathetic about our needs and desires, making suggestions to enhance our particular experience that were very much appreciated. He also allowed us the joy of discovery in many places by gently pointing us in the right direction so we could see things with fresh eyes without a guide’s set speech. However, at other times the selected local guides expanded our minds with their intimate knowledge of particular sites. We enjoyed our conversations with Wahid and his insights of local customs and current affairs in Morocco. He is a credit to his king and country, faith and family, education and employer as he always spoke highly of them. This paragon also had a wonderful quirky sense of humour that we found was quite prevalent in Morocco. That was something we hadn’t expected!

We scarcely know where to begin when it comes to selecting highlights of our trip. The Fabulous Fortnight covered the big well-known cities of Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech along with smaller centres such as Chefchaouen, Erfoud, and Essaouira. All of these places exceeded our expectations. Sometimes it was the in-between spots that stood out most and are stuck in our memories. – Wahid certainly found ways to let us experience the real Morocco. We loved walking through the crunchy leaves in Irfane. a city with the feel of a European ski resort. Later we had tea in a berber dwelling where our hearts were broken by the abject poverty of the young couple who had so little but were so gracious about sharing what little they had. Our lunches at roadside boucheries where we chose the meat to be chopped, ground and cooked then served with a tagine of vegetables that was sizzling on the barbecue were not only tasty but excellent value. One place where we declined to try the street food was in Jamaa el Fna where a local tout tried to draw us to his stall by telling us it was a “romantic place, no diarrhoea” for nothing spoils a romantic evening quite like diarrhoea! In all our interactions with locals we felt safe and were never hassled in any way.

Our accommodation provided us with a range of styles. Arriving in Casablanca, the large Val d”Anfa hotel allowed us to recover from our trip in black-out air-conditioned comfort. There were plenty of opportunities to stretch our legs and start to experience this large cosmopolitan city and complex country. This was contrasted by the rustic charm of our hotel in Chefchaouen where we were awakened by the early morning call to prayer from the nearby mosque on the other side of the kasbah. In Fes, the Riad Myra was a work of art in itself and a lovely introduction to life in the medina. Our hotel in Erfoud exposed us to some large groups on bus tours and made us appreciate our own arrangements even more but I still managed to have the pool to myself as they cleared out early in the morning. Our camel trip was fun and our “bare bones” tent had the luxury of a private toilet which we had not expected. The L’Ma Lodge in Skoura was delightful and the food was delicious. Our Riad in Marrakech was so convenient we even felt we could explore the alleys and souks on our own after dark. We got quite the workout climbing to the fourth floor of the hotel in Essaouira but it was worth it to see the sweeping view of the sandy bay and corniche from the roof-top patio.

We have already recommended the company to others who might be contemplating a trip to Morocco. I can think of no better way to travel than to go with Experience It. We haven’t given you five stars – you have earned all the stars in the universe. The service was first rate and it was very good value.

We will fill out the other forms and give you permission to use any of our words as testimonials to your excellent service.

Jane & Richard G.

(November of 2017)