“How beautiful it is all over!”

I loved Morocco!

Some of my favorites: The camel ride in the desert and viewing the stars at 4am in the unbelievable sky, the tour of the gigantic Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the riad in Rabat was lovely, Chefchaouen…all of it …where we stayed and what we did, carpet buying in Fes, the gorgeous oasis we stayed at in Skoura, the drive over the mountains to Marrakech, Essaouira was wonderful, the excellent food all over (olives/dates/breads/yogurt/ tajine/harira/ couscous/the amazing mint tea/ prickly pear cactus fruit!!), the fossils, I really liked the Yves St. Laurent Musee and Jardin who knew?? I love call to prayer and now miss it, the arts and crafts… beautiful pottery / jewelry /lots of wood items and furniture that I didn’t know about before, and the MOSAICS everywhere!

I will always equate Morocco to Mosaics. I came home with many photos or doors and windows and floors and walls and pillars covered with mosaic designs.

How beautiful it is all over!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people are very nice. The country is so diverse geographically…I was surprised at this…the coast line and its sandy beaches and tall steep cliffs that fall into the ocean, the agriculture fields…oranges and olives and dates and figs and all kinds of nut trees and the Argon trees with the crazy goats standing on the limbs, the gorgeous mountains and the curvy windy roads up and down the sides of those rocky surfaces, parts of the country reminded me of Arizona or Utah as it was so barren and arid with no trees just red rocky mountain formations everywhere. I was enamored with the rivers in the valleys and how green they were with the trees on the valley floor and then on both sides of the mountains above the color would change to yellow or red…the valleys were rivers of green trees…the stark change where the water ended…weird but beautiful.

I loved the languages and learned to spell my name and have been practicing signing my name in Arabic! Ha! I am also a bit partial to Berber and bought an AMAZIGH necklace. The Free People!

My tour guides were excellent. Abdelkader was GREAT! He gave us lots of history and explanations and stories of life in Morocco.

Aziz our driver for the main trip was also fantastic. My tour guide in Essaouira was also excellent…but this is when I started to get sick…he brought me to a pharmacy to buy some cough syrup which didn’t really work too well.

My driver/guide for my extension was Ali Ben-Haddouch and he was also very good. He took very good care of me. I never felt not safe being alone during the end of my trip.

I think I would have liked to stay longer in Marrakech. We didn’t see as much of that city as I would have liked and I would have stayed longer in Essaouira.

The things I found fascinating that I didn’t have time to buy were those very cool silver boxes that turn into a bracelet when you take the top and bottom off. How cool is that? I would have liked to look at more of those and bought a good one… I saw one gorgeous red coral one but didn’t have time to bargain or buy, and I love the masks and those bronze faces…I think most of them come from other countries in Africa but they were gorgeous and I had no time for that either.

I did buy some prickly pear cactus lotion which is supposed to be good for wrinkles and better than Argon oil and if it works I might need your help in purchasing some more.:>)

I would tell anyone to go to Morocco and I would tell them to arrange a tour with you and your company. It was fantastic and I would go back!! I would spend more time in the south and add in Agadir and the towns around there.

THANK YOU for all you did for me. I will be forever grateful.

If you or your friends ever come to Seattle, you always have a place to stay. I shall fetch you at the airport and you can stay as long as you want. I am a pretty good tour guide too!

Cheers to Experience it Tours. Please give my regards to the others in your company that helped us with our trip. It was FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day in that beauteous place!!


Nancy J.

(September of 2018)