“Great Variety”

Morocco was a totally blank map without any particular expectations or knowledge of the landscape. Our tour truly showed us the great variety from green hills and very high mountains to desert and beaches, the harsh dry and seemingly barren areas with sudden appearance of the green oasis along a river. Experience-it tours certainly has filled in this previously blank map for us. We did expect to take some colourful photos and taste great traditional ethnic cuisine. And we did on both counts. We were maybe a bit overly cautious about eating salads etc. in order to avoid serious digestion issues, but then again nobody got laid up on account of it.

Our Highlights:

The sunset viewing from the dunes of the Sahara desert followed by dinner and breakfast at our private tent among the dunes was a wonderful experience. We thought that it might be a very touristy thing to do, but we are so happy to have had this once in a lifetime experience. A cultural experience happened when we were invited unexpectedly for tea and then dinner at the home of a relative of our driver. It gave us the inside view of another part of Moroccan life. The third surprise was stopping for lunch at an absolutely spectacular location in Oualidia. Enjoying wonderful seafood with a perfect view of the lagoon and the Atlantic breaking through a breach the ridge of the shore was simply spectacular.

Our Driver:

Majid is a great driver and very informative about any subject. He is a very careful and safe driver, fully aware of the many radar traps along the highways. When a bank machine ate my my debit card, he went out of his way to contact various people including the bank manager to get it back. Alas, in the end due to security protocol this was not possible. But we were assured that other arrangements were possible, had we not been able to access cash with our second card. Majid has a great sense of humour and infinite patience to answer our questions.

All of the Riads were very different and unique. Each one had its own charm and ambiance. But our favourite was Riad Mimouna in Essaouira with its breathtaking view of the breakers crashing against the walls of our building at high tide. Watching the waves come rushing in and then seeing, hearing and feeling the thunder and power of the water was awesome. We have never experienced anything even close to this.

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October 2014

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