“Great Trip!”

The pre-trip experience was great with your company very amenable to my inquiries and the changes we wanted.  The final result was exactly what we wanted and needed as we were short of time for the trip.

Our guide Ahmed was tremendous and very informative with a great sense of humour.  The first Riad was an experience getting to but the accommodation was great.  The walk up through the markets was again an experience but we had already seen something like that in Vietnam.

The next day was a big drive but a great trip with Ahmed being tremendous on the way.  The accommodation in Fes (Riad Jaouhara) was beautiful and one of the best of our five week trip.

Both the guides in Fes aand Marrakesh were the best and we appreciated their information and assistance in buying things in the markets.  We bought 3 carpets in Fes and have them in our luggage.  The guide in Marrakesh helped with bargaining and provided great information about all aspects of Islam and Marrakesh.

The only minor negative was the darkness of the Riad room in Marrakesh.  We found it very difficulty to actually see anything in the room and had to use hand torches.

We are very happy to recommend your company to any other people including our friends.


(September of 2011)

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