“Great Time!”

We took this tour with Ahmed Hadji, and it was wonderful. Ahmed escorted us everywhere, explaining the things we saw and heard at every turn. His love of country was evident, and we thoroughly enjoyed all of his opinions and interpretations.

He took us personally to our lovely riads, and was at the door in the morning when we wanted to leave. When we ate at restaurants, he always appeared as our last bite went into our mouths. We never waited a minute for him, and he always accommodated our curiosity if we wanted to see something not on the schedule.
Ahmed also saw to our personal needs, everything from giving me lessons on my new cell phone to buying batteries that we needed. He treated us like personal guests, not clients. We were worried that we might tire of a guide for 14 days, but quite the opposite, we were sorry to leave him.

Our accommodations were all very nice, the countryside was beautiful, the people friendly and interesting. We had a great time and recommend Experience It! heartily.

Philip & Toni
May 2012


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